Erick Erickson's Daily Devotional

Spend just a few minutes a day with the Bible.  I'll send out something every day with scripture and thoughts for you to think about.  You can find the whole collection of daily devotions at


P.S. -- Why does the form ask for your address?  Because I have found that is the best way to ward off malicious spam and trolls who want to use the email for harassment and other purposes.  What will I do with your address?  Well, if I am ever somewhere speaking and you are nearby, I may invite you.  But that's about it.  I will not sell the information.  This is a devotional list, not some list to make money off of you.  Why not a captcha?  Because I get overwhelmed with people of a certain age who cannot figure out the captcha that is generated.  This is easier on me and you.  Hope that helps.
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